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Dropship Mike supports Shopify & WooCommerce

shopify and woocommerce.png


1. Enter here.



1.  Copy and paste link to browser


2.  Register for a Dropship Mike account


3.  Select ‘Connect your store’  


4.  Select WooCommerce


5.  Enter your WooCommerce API information and & domain


  • a: To learn how to generate your WooCommerce API Keys, visit here -

  • b: Dropship Mike requires read/write permission on your generated API Key

  • c: The generated API key must be created by an admin account

  • d: We recommend updating to the latest version of WooCommerce prior to generating your API key



6.  Select ‘Connect’


7.  Your WooCommerce store is now connected to Dropship Mike


8.  To import products and process orders, you’ll need to subscribe to a Dropship Mike subscription plan

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